November 29th, 2022

NDP welcomes court ruling overturning ford’s wage-capping bill 124

QUEEN’S PARK – Peter Tabuns, NDP MPP and Leader of the Official Opposition released the following statement in response to news that an Ontario court has struck down wage-capping Bill 124:

“There’s no doubt that today is a victory for workers in Ontario. The courts have recognized what public sector workers and New Democrats have been saying for years: Bill 124 is unconstitutional.

My message to Ford is simple: do not appeal this decision. Bill 124 has wreaked untold damage on our precious public services. Mr. Ford’s wage-capping legislation has created staffing crises in key sectors like education and health care, and Ontarians have been paying the price.

Today is a very important step to undoing the damage of Bill 124, and the victory belongs to the tireless efforts of every Ontario worker who has raised their voice in the past three years.”