December 1st, 2022

Ford government blocks review of former PC MPP Jeremy Roberts’ appointment

QUEEN’S PARK — Former PC MPP Jeremy Roberts is the latest appointee on the growing list of government appointment candidates that the standing committee will not have the opportunity to review. In response, NDP Deputy Leader Doly Begum is raising concerns about the lack of transparency and due process for government agency appointments.

The NDP called for a review of Mr. Roberts’ appointment as the Vice Chair of the License Appeals Tribunal. It’s a crucial appointment that oversees disputes involving car insurance claims and home warranty claims, among others.

Mr. Roberts should have appeared at committee hearing today to answer questions, and instead of extending the deadline, the government is allowing Mr. Roberts’ appointment to be rubber-stamped.

“The Ford government gave PC MPP Jeremy Roberts a lucrative appointment for which he has yet to demonstrate any clear qualifications,” said Begum. “It’s inappropriate for the Ford government to deny the Government Agencies Committee the opportunity to even question the appointee about this role or why they should be appointed to this extremely important role.

“It’s critical that the Ford government choose the most qualified person for the job, especially when you consider the impact the person filling this position will have on people’s lives,” said Begum.

“Ontarians deserve a transparent review of Mr. Roberts’s appointment, and the government’s failure to provide this raises more concerns about an already questionable appointment.”